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Don't let chronic knee pain prevent you from participating in your recreational and daily activities. Our experienced chiropractors help treat knee pain at its' source. 

Knee pain usually happens one of two ways:

a) A single traumatic event such as a blow to the knee or planting and twisting.  

b) A chronic knee problem that develops overtime from running, walking, lifting or an unknown cause.  Non-traumatic knee pain is often due to an alignment issue in the adjacent anatomical structures such as such as the foot, ankle, hip, SI joint or spine. We use a functional assessment to examine each of these structures and develop a treatment plan.

Some knee injures do require aggressive surgical and/or drug interventions.  If you fall into this category we will be happy to refer you to a qualified local specialist.  Many cases of knee pain do not require drugs or surgery.  We specialize in these cases.  We even work with individuals and athletes who want to avoid surgical intervention or injections.  For certain cases we find that a combination of our treatment and localized injections is productive.  We work collaboratively with pain management and sports medicine physicians for patients who elect to utilize chiropractic, rehabilitation and localized injections simultaneously.  Our treatment is specific, gentle, and safe.

Restoring proper mobility is the first goal in treating the knee.  We utilize gentle chiropractic adjustments and joint mobilizations to accomplish this goal.  In the acute phase of treatment we also use therapeutic ultrasound and electrical stimulation to decrease muscle spasm and disperse swelling.  In the post-acute phase we use a tailored rehabilitation protocol to strengthen the region.  Finally we move into exercises that mimic sport or activities of daily living.  Our goal is to return you to full function as rapidly as possible.

We look at the entire body rather than just the knee in isolation.  Some injures may be localized to the knee and the knee is the only region requiring treatment.  Other knee injuries may be impacted by the foot, ankle, hip, low back and so on.  This is particularly true if an injury reoccurs or presents repeatedly with a specific activity (i.e. running, walking up stairs, golfing etc.)  Our comprehensive approach enables us to address the problem area and other areas of compensation that may be contributing to the injury.

We pride ourselves in our caring and long-term relationships we develop with our patients, so to request an appointment, please contact us today. We look forward to seeing you.

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Dr. Ward and his staff are fantastic! When I came for my first visit, I was welcomed warmly and didn't wait long at all. Each time I was able to make an appointment without any problems. The pain in my hips has improved significantly and faster than I was expecting. Having found this wonderful office, I am able to be active again without pushing through pain.

Abby C.
Fairfax, VA

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