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Is your back tight and knotted?

Is your back tight, stiff and sore? Do you have sensitive areas of back muscle irritation? Have you tried everything, but can’t get your back muscles to release? You may be suffering from a back spasm.

The back contains large powerful and small intricate muscles. When one or more of these muscles are in a state of constant contraction and can’t relax, this is known as a back spasm. Back spasms make life difficult. Moving, bending, walking, sitting, standing, lifting and even sleeping can be impacted. These spasms often present as “knots” or ropelike bands of muscle that are tender and sore. In some cases, spasms can pinch nerves and cause radiation of pain or tingling into the arms or legs. Back spasms can be caused by poor posture, old injures, trauma or other underlying conditions.

Treatment of back spasm involves first identifying the specific muscle involved. This is important because stretching and treating the wrong muscle(s) can worsen the problem. For example, stretching the hamstrings when the spinal errectors are in spasm can make the spasm worse. Once the muscle is identified, gentle stretching, targeted massage, myofascial release and joint mobilization are used to relax the spasm. Ultrasound, electrical stimulation, and heat are also incorporated to help restore blood flow to the spastic back muscle.

Once the spasm is reduced, active rehabilitation exercises are introduced to prevent the back spasm from reoccurring. Poor posture or old injuries can make muscles that are normally at rest become chronically active or “on.” This often occurs repeatedly with specific activities like running, lifting or sitting. Getting these muscles to relax and revert to the proper activation level involves tailored exercises to restore the correct muscle pattern. Do you have a chronic back spasm that keeps returning?  Dr. Ward, your Fairfax chiropractor can help.

We pride ourselves in our caring and long-term relationships we develop with our patients, so to request an appointment, please contact us today. We look forward to seeing you at your Fairfax chiropractic.

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Dr. Ward and his staff are fantastic! When I came for my first visit, I was welcomed warmly and didn't wait long at all. Each time I was able to make an appointment without any problems. The pain in my hips has improved significantly and faster than I was expecting. Having found this wonderful office, I am able to be active again without pushing through pain.

Abby C.
Fairfax, VA

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